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How We Can Help You

Maples Cancer Care

What to Expect

Upon contacting the Centre, we will offer an appointment for an initial assessment with one of our assessors, during which you will be given the time to talk about your thoughts and concerns.

Your assessor will help you sort out your thoughts and together you will decide how best we can support you.

After choosing an appropriate therapy, your next appointment will be made for you before you leave.
Our trained professionals will work closely with you to give you individually tailored support at critical times, helping you to find ways to adjust, cope and improve the quality of your life.

Following your course of therapy sessions you will be reviewed to check your progress.

Getting Help

  • You can self refer to the Centre, there is no need for a referral from your health care professional although they will very often provide you with our details and suggest you contact us by phone to make an appointment.
  • You will be given an appointment with one of our assessors who will listen to your story and together you will make a plan of care, based on your concerns and needs.
  • We will provide you with a number of sessions with one of our therapists
  • You will be reviewed at the end of your course of treatment to assess any improvement in your ability to cope with your concerns and feelings.
  • We would expect that you will have seen a real improvement in your ability to cope with your concerns and feelings.
  • You will be made aware that you can return to the Centre at any time in the future should you feel the need

“I didn’t contact the Centre when I first heard about it, however I wish I had made contact earlier in my diagnosis. The support and listening ears helped me greatly to come to terms with what was happening to me and my family”

“They appeared in my life at just the right time for me, I was struggling to cope with my diagnosis and needed to talk to someone outside of my family and friends”