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With Cancer

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8,900 people face a cancer diagnosis in South Yorkshire, including 1,500 people in Rotherham area…

…if you include yourself in these numbers Maples Cancer Care is here for you.

Welcome to Maples Cancer Care

(the operating name of Rotherham Cancer Care Centre)

Maples Cancer Care is a local Rotherham charity dedicated to improving the quality of life for people living with cancer in Rotherham and the surrounding areas. We believe no one should face cancer alone, so we provide emotional support through one to one assessment, counselling and complementary therapies to the patient and to their carer. Our services are provided free of charge and we rely on fundraising events, the donations from supporters and help from volunteers to continue our work.

What Our Clients Have To Say:

"I felt my problems were out of my control, resulting in extreme anxiety and sleepless nights. Maples Cancer Care has helped me to deal with my thoughts and anxiety and to cope better with my situation. With their help and self-help techniques I have been able to return to work and to look forward to a future again."

"It was so good to have an appointment that I actually looked forward to attending. I had many negative feelings and unprocessed thoughts before going to the Centre and was helped greatly to come to terms with how I was feeling. I didn’t find it easy to talk to close family and friends about my fears but the patience and understanding of my assessor and therapist helped me to slowly come to terms with my diagnosis and the change in lifestyle for myself and my family."

"I didn’t know what to expect when my specialist nurse suggested I contact Maples Cancer Care. What a lovely surprise. A haven of tranquillity, and very caring people who understood my distressed state of mind. Together we have addressed my issues which has enabled me to start enjoying life again and to move forward"

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